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Makeup Tips for Dark Hair and Fair Skin

Eye makeup depends on eye color. For brown eyes, contrast with green shadows. For blue eyes, choose smoky gray and brown. For green eyes, blue shades add drama. You can also pick up shades of other shades in your eyes. For example, brown eyes with a touch of gold look great with golden shadows.

To create a dark, pleasant look, apply a black or dark brown eyeliner along the upper line of the eyelashes, then apply a shade along the same line, mixing a little upwards. For a fresh, wider appearance, wipe a light, brighter shade through the top cover and apply a thin layer of eyeliner along the top of the eyelash line. Finish with a pair of mascaras for both looks.

To emphasize your cheekbones, choose a shade that is very close to your skin tone, and wipe it on the cheeks of apples. If you have a reddish stain, stick to a more neutral shade and avoid pink shades. If you have a yellowish undercover, a pink blush helps neutralize your overall tone.

For lips, deep burgundy or red adds another remarkable contrast to porcelain skin. If you prefer to look at the girl behind the door, align your lips with a pencil that matches your natural lip color, and complete with color glitter.

Skin care
Protecting your skin is extremely important for beautiful beauties. All cosmetics in the world can not fully cover or repair damage from the sun and other elements. Wear sunscreen daily, except for regular skin care.

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