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How to Do Make Up for Women Over 45

No matter how old you are, makeup is a tool that will give you complexity and increase your confidence, says famous Sandy Linter makeup artist. Signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dark circles and age spots, may have a negative effect on self-confidence. While thick dark makeup is suitable for young women, mature women look fresh and sure with little makeup in light shades. If you want to look young and get rid of wrinkles, hide signs of aging and increase self-confidence, learn how to apply makeup for mature women.

Establish and hide

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Rub a moisturizing cream with SPF 15 or higher on the face and neck.

Apply priming around the eyes, lips and cheeks.

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Stir cream cream inside the eye near the nose and under the eye using finger finger or cover brush. Apply and mix the concealer in any dark spot and stains.

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Mix a light base cream for the entire face with a cosmetic sponge.

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Apply a thin layer of translucent powder around the eyes with a powder brush. Do not apply dust to creased areas of the face.

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Apply a reddish shadow to the cheekbones with a brush for blushing.

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Mix the lipstick on the lips with a lip brush. Softens the lines of the rim with a tissue or cosmetic sponge. Avoid using dark-colored lips.

Eyes and eyebrows

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Gently pull the eye cover and apply a fine black chocolate mesh line along the line of the eyelashes. Draw a thin line above the daughter and the inner eye. Push the line at the top outer corner of the eye.

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Look in a magnifying mirror and stretch the eyebrow skin. Discard all stray hairs on your forehead with tweezers

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Determine eyebrows with a soft eyebrow pencil. Draw a natural eyebrow shape with light, smooth eyebrow pencils.

Comb the eyebrows with a Spool brush to mix the eyebrow pencil.

Highlight and lift an eyebrow by placing its bright eye shadow.

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Wipe your face with paper to get rid of the oil on your forehead, nose and chin. Avoid the dark colors of your lips. If you are unable to remove stray hair, consult a professional hairdresser to apply wax to your eyebrows.

Plucking can cause inflammation, redness, skin irritation and cramps. Contact your GP if you have imported hair.

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