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How to Bring Out Hazel Eyes

Although at first glance the brown eyes may have a hot brown color, these iris are rich in variants and less than 10 percent of the population can claim them. Some go to a green color near the center, while others have a warm amber shade. These subtle color variants open up a world of rich shades and combinations of eye shadows.

The gold spots are often in brown eyes, which means they often look golden. Bring this beautiful color with a touch of champagne with a yellow shade on the crease. Immerse the angular brush of the same color and slide along the bottom line of the lashes as close as possible to the lashes for a brilliant effect.

Align the top lash line with a deep brown eyeliner to highlight the golden colors in your eyes and make them brighter during the day. Apply in small strokes as close as possible to the line of eyelashes. Fill the black mascara application into the eyelashes. Maintain the freshness of the day thanks to a light balm for the lips of the berry and a soft pink blush in the apples of the cheeks. Warm colors in these cosmetics combine perfectly with almost any hair color, especially with light and brown curls.

Give your walnut even more wearing additional clothes colors. Choose a Kelly green dress, blouse or jacket to highlight your natural green and golden shades. In addition, deep gray coal and lavender also highlight the gray and brown shades of the iris.

Pink and deep purple colors illuminate the green elements of the brown eyes and create a playful, lightweight mix for early evening. Apply a purple medium matte with copper shades through the eyelid. Mark the inner corner of the eye with gold or bone to open the eye.

Do not hesitate to pinpoint the dynamic color of your eyes with a liquid or gel eyeliner. Apply the liner as close as possible to the line of lashes. Then apply two layers of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes to get a striking contrast with your dynamic greenish-yellow iris. Keep your lips gently with a pink jeans balm. This warm look is reflected and blends well with brown and red curls.

Violet is the color of the royal family, as well as the color of the smoky brown eyes. Shake the purple purple eggplant on its crease. Add a small shadow to your gradient curve for extra depth. Choose a matte formula to create a stunning contrast to your eyes. Lower the angular brush to the same purple color and slide along the bottom line of the eyelashes as close as possible to the lashes. You can also change magenta into green moss for a full smoked greeting with green shades in your eyes.

Align your channels with a black cream eye cream, and then apply a black liquid or gel eyeliner along the top line of lashes. Move the eyeliner onto the outer corner of the eye for an extra eyelash drama. Fill the image with black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Stay balanced with a neutral lipstick with shades of sand, golden spots and pink cream shades for extra glow. The rich colors of this smoker eye balance with every hair color, from white to white to dark black.

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