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How to Apply Makeup to Small Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes have a distinctive, long oval shape with pointed ends. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with this versatile eye shape but would like to make your peepers look larger, matte eyeshadows, smoky colors and bold top lashes will maximize them and show them off beautifully.

Prepare your eyelid by sweeping a neutral, matte eyeshadow in a cream shade up to the eyebrow. This evens out your skin tone and opens up the top of the eyelid, creating the effect of more space. Keep the application light to avoid a powdery effect.

Follow up the base by defining your crease, which shows off your almond shape. Dip a blending brush into a slate gray, dark brown or mossy green. Sweep the brush along the crease starting from the outer corner and working your way to the halfway mark with a windshield wiper motion. As you work the shadow into the crease, you should notice your natural almond eye shape becoming more pronounced, adding more dimension and depth.

Keep the crease eyeshadow application to a single layer if you are applying daytime makeup. Build up the color with a few passes, and even a couple colors, to produce a smokier effect and to create dimension. Blend the shadow until it sits evenly on the lid and crease.


Keep your makeup in place longer by applying an eyelid primer. These formulas create a smooth base and prevent eyeshadow creasing to maximize longevity on smaller eyelids.

Almond eyes naturally pair with winged eyeliner because of their long, narrow shape. This type of eyeliner also opens up the eye and creates more depth on smaller lids. Apply a thin line of black liquid or gel eyeliner along the top lash line as close to the lashes as you can get. Use small dash strokes to get an even line. Flick the eyeliner up at the outer corners of the eyes to create the cat-eye effect.

For a slightly more office-appropriate look, use dark brown pencil instead of the black gel eyeliner. Apply the color along the top lash line using tiny strokes, and flick up at the outer corner slightly. Blend the eyeliner with an angled brush for subtle volume along your top lash line.

Line the lower waterline with a white or cream eyeliner. The waterline is the inner length of your lash line that sits just above where your lower lashes extend. The cream shade opens up your eyes and makes you look wide awake and refreshed. This technique also balances out the smokier, full lash line you built on top, and keeps almond eyes even.

Finish your eye makeup by curling your upper lashes with a lash curler. This step opens up the eyes to emphasize your almond shape. Complete any look with a lengthening mascara on the top lashes only. Focus a bit more of the product on the center of the lash line to make your eyes appear fuller and larger.


Give smaller eyes added dimension by choosing complimentary eyeshadow colorsfor your iris. If you have blue eyes, opt for a gray-brown or slate color. If you have brown eyes, contrast that color with amber and royal blue. Green eyes pop with mauves and purple, while hazel eyes look stunning with golds and purples.

Make your eyes the star of the show and keep the rest of your makeup routine simple, especially if you have applied a smoky eye. Apply a coral or peach blush just below the cheekbones with a kabuki brush. This process adds structure to your face and draws attention upward and toward your eyes while it also highlights your cheekbones.

Keep your lips subtle and understated with a gentle berry lip balm. Alternatively, a light pink, nude or sand-toned lipstick adds a touch of color. Toning down your lips also helps to emphasize your natural eye shape and bring attention upward.Volume 0%00:2100:59by

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