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How to Apply Makeup for Honey Colored Eyes

While coffee remains the most common eye color in the world, the range of shades in a brown family is wide and soft. Open brown eyes – honey or orange, which warm the face. Combine these amazing eyes with warm, smoky colors and summon shades of peach for instant charm.

Warm your eyes with honey daily by scanning the light caramel eye shadow all over the eyelid on the crease. Choose a shade with gold or copper tips to bring gold to the iris. Lower the corner brush with the same eye shadow and wipe the color along the lash line to add subtle shades and a flash of glitter.

Apply a dark brown cream or gel eyeliner on the upper line of the eyelashes. Dark coffee creates a slightly delicate look throughout the day and imitates the color of your eyes. Use small pauses to apply eyeliner with a thin, even line from the inside of the iris to the end of the century, bringing the product as close as possible to the eyelashes. Finish with black mascara on the eyelashes.

Awaken your eyes by inflicting a slight shimmer of golden shadows on the inner corner of each eye and just below the eyebrows. Combine your skin with a small brush for a bright glow.

Every eye color needs a smoky, impressive night look that emphasizes a natural hue. Bring the bright warmth of honey eyes, applying some nice smoky earth tones. These shades help shining eyes to rise, emphasizing rich gold tones.

Unscrew deep, fuzzy peach or terracotta eye shadow on the eyelid and slightly stain the crease. Dip the blending brush in light brown chocolate with gold spots and blend the color on the outer corner of your eye and the crease, using small movements to wipe the windshield until it is completely mixed.

Dip a small tassel in the dark shade of black coffee and blend this color with pale brown to create a deep, thin smoke-like gradient. To create a darker, more dramatic look, apply an extra layer of brown coffee that will focus on the crease that creates the dimension.

Dip the corner brush in a dark coffee color and wipe the color along the lash line, submerge the color in the eyelashes to get a smoky effect. Align your upper lace line with a dark brown cream pencil, starting right from the iris. When you reach the outer edge of the iris, make the line a little thicker to focus outwards and create a full line of smoked eyelashes. You can push the lining up and out on the outside corner for a good cat’s eye. Finish off black top mascara on your upper lashes to create a full line of lashes

Hot peach and coral red complement the eyes of honey and create a young glow.
Combine a dark smoky eye with soft pink lipstick for a classic cocktail hour.
Replace brown eyeliner with cobalt blue. The rich tone of cobalt complements the color of honey for a modern look at the cat’s eye.

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